She discovered tools and techniques to sit with her feelings instead of suppressing them, setting healthy boundaries and surrendering the need to control. She created a deeper connection to her higher self and transformed her mindset and emotions. Living her life in flow, trusting the universe and having faith. Her life soon became one of joy, happiness and empowerment.

Later that year, she qualified as a Level 1 Healer and learnt how to master her energy for success. She became obsessed with improving her health and certified in all four levels of healing and is now a Trainer for energy certification courses. 

Since Lorna was younger, she always felt a huge sense of knowing that things would happen before they actually did. She would feel the emotion of others and become very emotional and tired after spending time in large groups of people. She naturally attracted friends who would share their issues and take on their energy without even realising it.

For years Lorna lived in the hustle and bustle and rat race of her corporate career, she was pushing and resisting most things, wanting to control, masking her feelings and emotionally drained. But her obsession to people please, soon led to anxiety, overwhelm, burnout and negative thinking.

In 2014 Lorna suffered an emotional breakdown and was hospitalised after she lost the lining of her womb. Her office job left her anxious, suffering with heart palpitations and abnormal bleeding. The stress she endured manifested as poor health and the lack of support in her management role, caused her to become severely unwell.

During her sick leave, she was recommended to see a Healer and this is when her life changed forever. Unbeknown to her, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

She loves helping others feel good from the inside out and it is her life legacy and mission to help leaders heal their emotional wounds and improve their emotional wellbeing.

Since working on her healing, Lorna has opened up her psychic gifts. She regularly receives universal guidance in the form of visions and gets a strong sense of ‘knowing’. Her gifts have enabled her to see energy and read people’s energy field. She can close her eyes and intuitively know where a person is holding energetic blocks in their body. She now uses this gift within her containers, to help leaders get unstuck in their life.

Lorna is evidence that our underlying emotions create physical health problems such as endometriosis and anxiety. Her online Coaching & Healing programs aim to create life long results and improve overall wellbeing, to bring the body back into harmony and inner peace.

As an Energy Expert, Lorna teaches Highly Sensitive leaders to release control and enhance their intuition so they can create a life of happiness and success. Her mission is to help you create a deeper sense of who you are and live a soul led life.


International Best Selling Author

In 2018 Lorna collaborated with 8 other authors and wrote her own chapter in the book You Are Meant For More’. They were rewarded as an Amazon Best Selling Author & she is now writing her next book, only this time it’ll be solo! Watch this space. You can purchase the book here



Lorna has been featured in magazines such as Impact Magazine in Switzerland and Women Thrive. You can read her articles here:

Impact magazine

You can read Lorna’s article in IMPACT MAGAZINE – Volume 5 / November 2022 – ‘Being #HUMBITIOUS – Are you a humbitious Leader?’

Lorna’s article was featured alongside 22 x brand new inspiring Coaching Stories who have had an impact and made a difference in someone’s life or business. In her article, she shares her amazing client case study with Rhonda Arnott. To read the FULL article please click the link below and you will find it on pages 16-17. 



Lorna was featured in Women Thrive Magazine December 2022 where she shares her article ‘why boss bitch vibes lead to burnout’. She shares how the coaching industry is entering a new paradigm and how we must master the duality of masculine and feminine energies in order to reach different levels of success in business. To read the full article click here: 

Lorna was also featured in the special end of year edition, sharing her expertise on how we can become more abundant by healing our money wounds. Along with a panel of experts, she discusses why there is such a taboo around money and how money is connected to emotional trauma. 


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