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To Energy Ignite

A Self Love Gift For Your Soul – for Empaths, Psychics, Healers,
Lightworkers and Coaches

Are You...

  • Feeling stuck in your life and business and not sure how to move through the blocks?
  • Wish you had the tools to clear what’s no longer serving you so you can expand into your next level?
  • Wanting to dive deeper into spiritual work so you can re-connect with the highest version of yourself and nurture your soul?
What is Energy Ignite?

Energy Ignite is a monthly self-love gift for your soul for the spiritually curious and intune Empaths, Psychics, Healers, Lightworkers and Coaches who are ready to devote to their spiritual healing journey, by building a greater connection to their intuition and listening whispers of their soul.


I Understand Your Journey


Lorna Jayne is an Energy Expert For High Level Leaders. She is an Energy Alignment Coach, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner and NLP Mindset Coach for Psychics, Healers and Entrepreneurs. 

Lorna helps women to feel safe in their feminine flow and feel confident to release control through intuitive connection and healing.

She is the founder of Energy Ignite Global Mass Healing Membership and The Certified Reiki Academy. Her vision is to help create a positive impact on Earth by healing. 

Lorna has been featured in publications such as Fabulous Magazine by The Sun Newspaper, Elastic FM radio, Business Up North, The Business desk and more.

Lorna has also been featured as a guest on podcasts and been awarded Amazon Best Selling Author. 


Sneaky peak as to what’s inside…

  • Each month you will receive a new themed channelled healing, and you’ll get instant access to a library of healings available as soon as you join.
  • Some of our most popular ones are, Rebirth, Fairy Energy, Healing resentment and conflict (cord cutting), Rising of the Phoenix, Your Earth’s mission, Having Faith and Reconnection.

You’ll be part of a safe circle

We understand that healing can feel lonely and that’s why we have created a safe circle where you can dive into any one of our channelled healings, alongside the loving support of your soul sisters.  We are a loving heart-felt and soul-led community with an aligned soul frequency on a mission to raise the vibration of ourselves and the planet. You’ll feel the warmth of our sisters, along with the vibration of joy, wisdom and love. 


Healing is the new High!

With everyday stress, strain, work pressure and juggling many plates, we are being called as a collective, to come back to sovereignty and heal. It’s so important to make time for YOU, slow down the pace and reconnect

Healing helps you to:

  • Regain energetic balance and harmony so you feel better from the inside out 
  • Creates inner peace, harmony and relaxation 
  • Eliminates a heavy overthinking mind 
  • Dissolves any physical pain and anxiety 
  • Brings you into energetic alignment and flow 
  • Allows you to create energetic space so you have more capacity to receive intuitive insight and wisdom 
  • Activates your intuition and connection 
  • Expand your energetic frequency to get to your next level 

This is for you if…

  • You struggle to attend live healings and need something flexible to work around your busy schedule
  • You enjoy short, guided meditations that are themed each month
  • You love to feel supported by an exquisite community
  • You are an Energy Healer, Psychic, Coach and community is of high value to you
  • You are new to healing and need a ‘helping hand’ to see what it’s all about
How It Works:
  • It is GLOBAL healing Membership held online in a dedicated Facebook group. So you can be anywhere in the world to access this. All you need is Wifi and a phone or laptop. Easy peasy
  • If you are super busy, don’t worry. Healing takes place the FIRST Tuesday of every month, to keep it nice and easy to remember and they are pre-recorded so you can watch in your own time
  • Your Live group energy readings take place in the Facebook community (there is no live group video) so no need to worry about being on camera in your PJ’s!

What if you could feel EXPANSIVE, ENERGISED and in your POWER every month?

Healing helps you to re-align your chakras, clears your mind, relaxes you, nourishes your soul and re-energises you! When you feel GREAT from the inside out, you will feel UNSTOPPABLE!
*Your Investment – SPECIAL Xmas Offer
(when you join before 31st December)*

For this month ONLY we are gifting you with a SPECIAL Christmas offer for new clients. This means you get to join for 3 months at a reduced price, and after which, you can choose to either opt out or retain in our circle.

Here’s what you’ll pay: 👇

Usual investment £29.99
Your first 3 months @ £19.99 (Save £30)

PAY IN FULL BONUS: £300 for 12 months (get 1 month free)
By joining to this you agree to our Terms & Conditions which can be found here

Healing needs to be in the hands of more women, more medicine, more raising our vibration and we know you’re gonna LOVE these healings to help you stay on track in 2023!

Our healings will literally TRANSFORM your life! To work with me 1:1 is a high level premium price, BUT you get all of this PLUS exclusive access to me and all of my healings at just a FRACTION of my 1:1

What is Energy Healing?

Reiki Healing is a Japanese holistic treatment that promotes your overall health and wellbeing.

When you are over-thinking, you create blocked ENERGY which has a negative effect on your physical health. 

Energy Healing regains energy flow so that your body can function at optimum level thus restoring POSITIVE physical and emotional well-being.

Client Testimonials
Our clients can’t stop talking about our healings and the incredible impact it has had on their life! See for yourself…. 

You have access for as long as you are in the membership! When you sign up for 12 months, you get access to the full library of previous recordings which means you can dip in and out as many times as you like!  

Healing is for absolutely anybody who wants to IGNITE their ENERGY! Our membership gives you life changing channelled healings with so much value and has the power to shift your energetic vibration instantly! What’s not to love about that?! We highly recommend this for self-starters new to healing, and want to dabble and see what it’s all about. Or, for busy entrepreneurs who want access to healing to do at their own pace! So if you tick any of these, this is the membership for you.

I’ve walked the walk before talking the talk! I have over 9 years experience as a Healer, Channeler, Activator and Psychic. I have worked hard on deepening my connection to source, which has helped me grow so much personally and professionally and is what I use to channel through our healings in this container.

This is an incredible time to jump in! Even if you’ve never done any healing before, this couldn’t be easier! Every healing will give you something different, so you’ll constantly expand! This best bit is, when you join before 31st December you get our JUICY bonus and access out IGNITE YOUR NEW YEAR Annual Virtual Retreat!

Recording off all healings are uploaded to our unique healing library which is super flexible for you to access whenever is best for you! For your Energy readings, if you can’t join live, submit it in advance and I’ll make sure I’ve got you covered.

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