Are You Ready To Activate, Quantum Leap and Expand Into Your Next Level Of You?

Activate and quantum Leap with ENERGY UPGRADE. 

How would it feel if you could:
  • Regain CLARITY to get to your next level in your business, by uncovering the emotional wounds holding you back?
  • EXPAND your energetic vibration and get into the receptive flow, so things feel easy instead of hard? 

As an Energy Activator, my mission is to help women live an intuitive led life, regain clarity and inner peace, by developing their intuition and creating energetic alignment.  

Once you learn how to regain energetic alignment, things feel easy. 
You will create a deeper self-awareness and connection, so you can make soul aligned choices. 

Energy Upgrade is a transformational 1:1 high level program to create a deeper connection to yourself. Our unique soul aligned program, will empower you to re-align on an energetic level so you can live your best life, with heart, love and intuition.

At the end of the 10 weeks you can expect to feel like a brand new version of yourself! You’ll be guided on a beautiful journey of energetic up level and soul expansion.

Your soul come here to EXPAND and RISE.

For years we have seen a paradigm of women stampeding through earth in a resistance energy, unable to hear the whispers of their soul and feeling disconnected from their mission. 


You’ll feel safe to express your truth, re-align and activate to your souls mission, by strengthening your connection to source, so you can fully embody your souls magic. 


This is a powerful high level container bespoke and tailor made to suit your individual needs. I work with my higher self and spirit guides to clear, reboot and shift what your soul needs. 

Each session is different, depending what you need in that moment. However, you can expect: 

Week 1: (ANALYSIS)
A Powerful Energy Analysis to create a roadmap of exactly what your energetic field needs to heal. 

60-90 minute ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH sessions consisting of: 
  • Energetic Chord Cutting to heal past and present relationships
  • Future Self Visualisation to get into the Receptive flow 
  • Inner Child Healing to heal self-sabotage and embrace all aspects of yourself 
  • Shadow Healing to eliminate emotional wounds (uncovering worthiness wound, lack & scarcity, safety wound, abandonment wound)
  • Hipponno Forgiveness Ritual to let go of the hurt, anger and pain from your past
  • NLP Reframing Limiting Belief work to equip you with a new POSITIVE mindset 

ALL of this aswell as:
  • Daily access to hold you accountable (via voxer) between Monday to Friday. 
  • ENERGY TOOL BOX -ENERGY routine and ENERGY alignment rituals to weave into your new ENERGISED lifestyle! 
Additional Resources:
AND if that’s not enough you’ll ALSO receive ENERGY audios, meditations and recordings to support you during your weekly healings and take you deeper into your healing process. 


This is a high level EXPANSIVE container and you’re going to be expanding in a big way so you can become a clear channel for health, wealth and abundance.

This is high level personal transformation and you’re investing in the NEXT LEVEL of you!

You’ll get RAPID results from an intense range of healing modalities and coaching practices, (that I spent over 9 years studying).

This is for the woman who knows she is meant for more!

So if it’s a BIG SOUL YES & you’re ready, let’s do this!!



10 x weeks of 1:1 Voxer Support (worth £1755)

3 x months access Energy Ignite (worth £89)

10 x weeks of 1:1 activations (worth £2,222)

Lifetime access to meditations & audios (worth £199)

Total Value = £4265

You Pay ONLY =  £2,999 in full (saving £1266)


Payment plan = 3 x £1,111