Are You...

An experienced certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner ready to:
Perhaps this is the first time you’ve EVER experienced Reiki and you are ready to:
Introducing you to our Level 2 Reiki Certification and Business Programme …….

The 14-week live Level 2 Reiki certification and business programme for intuitive light leaders, coaches/entrepreneurs, psychics & holistic practitioners who are ready to start or scale their own spiritual business or upskill in their existing holistic business.

You’ll receive a blend of live and self-study material, to create a deeper learning experience for you.


Healing ‘finds’ you… it’s not just a job it’s your ‘soul's purpose’


I’m Lorna Jayne -Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Advanced Theta Healer Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

Reiki finds you……

At the age of 32, I had a huge emotional breakdown and was hospitalised twice in a year. It affected my ability to hold down my job and I was diagnosed with stress and severe anxiety.

I came across Reiki and it changed my life. It helped me re-assess where I was at, and what was important, that’s when I started to dive deeper into my healing journey.. I wanted to make a change to my lifestyle and feel good again.

Why I started my business….

I never imagined I would be running a healing business. It was never part of my plan. But I knew the ‘hustle’ wasn’t for me and I wanted to share my experience with others and make a difference to the world.

9 Years later…..

I have a successful well-being business and I help men & women, exactly like you create success from an expansive state and energetic alignment, instead of running on empty, emotionally reacting to situations and feeling completely disconnected from yourself.

A new paradigm is here..

Since the pandemic, there is a new wave and new paradigm happening right now. More and more people are wanting to feel better about themselves, they’re starting to understand the  energetics behind success and wanting to take control of their emotional health and energy levels.

It’s no secret that highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders all have a daily routine to keep them supercharged and uplifted. For example, look at Tony Robbins, a successful business strategist who teaches business mastery, from teaching people the
power of the mind.

The Certified Reiki Academy ..

We started our Training academy 2 years ago during the pandemic and since then it’s grown from strength to strength.

We have birthed the most magical leaders of the new earth who have gone on to be incredible healers and business owners.

It’s not just a certification academy, we are family and a community of light.

What’s Inside:

ALL of this Incredible VALUE…. ⬆️


After this course you’ll be able to….

  • Capture a wider client base by learning how to work online with the Reiki symbols and send Distant Healing Remotely
  • Send Reiki to food and drink
  • Professionally charge for healings
  • Know how to use Reiki to send for future events
  • Feel confident and empowered to apply the reiki tools

This is for you if:

You are a:
Yogi/Spiritual business owner/Healer/Psychic /Lightworker or Coach

Who’s ready to…

  • Deepen your offering
  • Start or scale a spiritual business
  • Confidently guide clients to clarity
  • Ignite your client experience in new ways
  • Become known for your gifts
  • Develop your skills as a business owner
  • Upskill in your existing spiritual business
  • Feel confident setting up and running a successful Reiki business by learning the business foundations
  • Earn a limitless income doing something you absolutely LOVE by attracting dreamy aligned clients so you can live a life of FREEDOM

How our programme is delivered

Each week you’ll receive LIVE group training, along with access to our online training portal where you’ll be drip fed video and PDF training modules.

What's Included:

Your Weekly Training broken down

Dates are subject to availability and runs for 14 x weeks

Week 1 – Welcome to Reiki Level 2 & course outline, opening circle
Week 2 – Chakra Refresher Training 
Week 3 –The 3 x Main Reiki symbols 
Week 4 – Client Treatment & set up 
Week 5 – LIVE Reiki attunement 
Week 6 – Group Practical – client treatment and hand positions 
Week 7 – Distance Healing and Online Healing (break out rooms)
Week 8 – Reiki For Future Events/Goals 
Week 9 – Reiki To Heal Past Events 
Week 10 – Reiki for Protection
Week 11 – Cord Cutting To Heal Energetic Relationship Bonds
Week 12 – Setting Yourself Up As Reiki Practitioner & Business 
Week 13 – Live Guest Expert Business Training
Week 14 – Graduation and closing circle



Reiki Level 2 Certification and Business Programme:
(If you are certified in Level 1 Reiki this is for you)


    • 14 x week live weekly trainings & live Guest Speaker Trainings (£1997)
    • Bonus Business Modules (£333)
    • Online Training Portal with video and PDF training modules (£555)
    • Group Assessments & break out rooms (£250)

Total Value = £3137

Now Only = £1997 Pay In Full (Saving a massive £1140)
6 x £387 payment plan


Meet Your Master Healer and Trainer

Lorna Jayne has been in business for over 9 years and has certified and trained in various coaching and healing modalities, which gives her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and soul connection.

Lorna is an NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Advanced Theta Healer Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. In recent years, Lorna has up-
levelled her psychic gifts and is channelling powerful energetic activations to raise your vibrational frequency and consciousness.

Lorna works with entrepreneurs and leaders, to release control and calm their pragmatic logical mind, through intuitive connection and healing.
She is the founder of Energy Ignite Global Mass Healing Membership and The Certified Reiki Academy.
Lorna has been featured in publications such as Fabulous Magazine by The Sun Newspaper, Elastic FM radio, Business Up North, The Business desk and more. Lorna has also been featured as a guest on podcasts and been awarded Amazon Best Selling Author.
It is her mission to help create a positive impact on earth and through her own healing journey, she now teaches and guides men and women on their own ascension journey and spiritual awakening process.

Witness our incredible Client Reviews:

Emma Bushell

  • Capture a wider client base by learning how to work online with the Reiki symbols
    and send Distant Healing Remotely

  • Send Reiki to food and drink

  • Professionally charge for healings

  • Know how to use Reiki to send for future events

  • Feel confident and empowered to apply the reiki tools

It’s totally possible to make a living once you’ve completed this course. Our
bonus business modules and guest expert sessions, will fast track you to
busines success! I know what its like. I have been in business 9 years and
have hired so many mentors, business coaches to help me elevate in
business. I will bringing all of this wisdom into this programme and sharing
with you what’s worked for me so you can rinse and repeat!

We have a very thorough and detailed approach to our teachings which is impossible to do in a 1-2 day programme. Our 14 week programme has been carefully tailored to make learning fun and easy to digest. You will receive bite
size digestible modules which are drip fed each week to make it easier to learn and integrate (and you won’t get overwhelmed!).

We understand that everybody learns differently and we want you to feel confident in what you are learning, that’s why our live training portal is a great hub for you to replay your modules as often as you like. We love a personal
approach and during our live weekly trainings you can ‘pick my brains’ and squash any worries that you may have. To build your confidence, we also assess your work and give feedback every step of the way….

We want you to shine and go out there and heal the world, We are your biggest cheerleader, you’l be part of our family of light and you’lll be invited to our annual Reiki events and workshops too! It’s so much more than a programme. We are a community ……

If you are already a Level 1 Reiki student, then this programme is your next uplevel. You’ll learn the Reiki symbols which opens the door to many more possibilities such as distant healing, online healing and sending Reiki to the

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